Profile of the Organization

The Rural Development And Health Educational Society, Bethapudi Village is Non Profitable, Non Governmental And Society Voluntary Organization. It was Register in the year 2003 under the Government of Andhra Pradesh Societies reconization act 35 of 2001 .It was working for the welfare and development of the neglected downtrodden communities and implementing several development all activities i.e. child labour welfare program, consumer welfare program, HIV/Aids awareness program, street child labour welfare programms vocational skills training programmms, or phone welfare programms , national environmental awareness programms (ministry of environment and forests, government of India, new Delhi) non formal –adults) education programms, clean and green program ,woman empowerment program ,old age welfare programms ,widows welfare programms, public and tribal area people since its inception. This society service to all castes, race ,creed, and relies without any discrimination since 2003.The society has conducted special services in rural slum, remote areas in Andhra Pradesh and resourcing state of the Andhra Pradesh state

Mission & Vision

The mission of RDHE Society is to improve all poor villages and rural areas and needy people pandemic in India. We provide shelter, food, treatment, education and psycho-social support to help these victims achieve their full life potential.

Our vision is rural supply management development and poor feeding

Objectives & Aims

RDHES will work only for furtherance of its Aims and objectives.
RDHES recognize that it is only a part of a bigger movement to ensure environmental stability and in the fight against poverty. Therefore, it strive to establish linkages at the organization and community levels with different strategic developmental players (governmental and non-governmental).
RDHES believe that it stands accountable to public, government and for agencies providing financial support as well as for the people the support is intended. Through its transparent administration and accounting systems RDHES will register itself as an honest and humble change agent.
RDHES work culture will be that of mutual respect, equality and justice, where every one  irrespective of sex, sexual orientation, age, race, color, class, religion, ethnicity, and location are treated equally.
RDHES will work with courage, creativity, innovativeness, in pursuit of its vision, mission and objectives, without fearing anybody.
RDHES will have a bias for poor and marginalized people because of the fact that their mainstreaming can only result in realization of its larger goal