International Public Health is a vitally important field of work and study that has been powerfully popularized by the such films as Outbreak and Contagion. This site will give you a sense of what International Public Health is all about and how to get involved. This site is also intended to be a clearinghouse of relevant information, issues, articles and resources for students and instructors alike. You will also find links to higher education resources including options for campus-based and online degree programs in international public health.



International Public Health is sometimes referred to as “Global Health.” The challenges remain staggering and require the continued involvement of the many foundations, organizations, medical professionals and volunteers with passion for making human life a more fulfilling experience. Among the great challenges confronting the Global South, we can mention:

  • Malaria
  • Dengue Fever
  • Water availability and potability

In the developed OECD countries, public health issues take on a different form, including ongoing concern regarding the effect of nutrition on cancer and other endemic diseases.

This site will do its utmost to provide first-landing, essential information and references on these issues to help  be a part of the global solution.

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