1. k.v.rao , 58years is a “mirror image of socially driven force”. A post graduate in Commerce has started career as lecture . It was a “dream come true” in 2003 when he has conceptualized formation of “RDHES Society”, with a vision of “no child will die of HIV/AIDS” in India. Under this umbrella, his vision has been led to Institutional Care Homes for about 200 HIV orphan children and Supplementary Nutrition kits to about 800 HIV-positive children in India. Being honorary founder president of the organization, he holds fulltime role as an Executive Director at RDHES Society.Though the idea of founding organization is a collective by friends, but he plays a vital role in the development of the organization with an uncompromised dedication. He always believes, sudden demise of his childhood friend with HIV was an influential factor behind the cause of serving HIV/AIDS children at RDHE Society. When he lost his friend in year 1996, it was most unforgettable situation, which he could not absorb and made up his mind that he should render his best services by all means to the HIV/AIDS patients in his life time.
  2. Chukka.kiran babu
  3. Mr jeevaratnam serves the organization’s Board as Adviser since caption of the organization. He holds master’s degree in Business Administration. His prior expertise in banking sector added to facilitate services at RDHES Society more effectively. He contributed to the cause of HIV/AIDS children in many ways by involving personally. Right now he is exclusively dedicating his best to transform the programs of the organization in Guntur since 2008. Passion towards serving needy kids is his driving motivation behind his role in the organization.
  4. k. mary vidhya anusha s journey started with RDHES Society from 2012. She holds B.tech . Since k.mary vidhya anusha has joined the organization as a senior resource mobilization manager, financial capacity of the organization has been improved rapidly to higher phases. Her involvement in the organization’s development is very impactable. She has high regards in punctuality and commitment. Her previous experience from SOS, prior to joining in RDHES Society has transformed her position in the organization to a decision-making capacity.